Yedi Yıldızlı Yaşam

Famous for its excellent climate and warm people in the Mediterranean, Northern Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands connecting 3 continents. It is a tourism paradise with its clean beaches and unique nature. As it is told in the legend, it is the best example that Caesar gave this island to Cleopatra to prove his love.

Archaeological excavations Neolithic settlements dating back to 7000 were uncovered. It is understood from the ruins that the first people who settled in Cyprus came from Mesopotamia and Anatolia to agriculture and domesticated animals. Groups from 6000 BC onwards brought the art of clay pots such as pots, pots, decks and cups. One of the two settlements unearthed at this time is the remains of “VRİSİ” 10 km east of Kyrenia on the North coast and the other is called “KİROKİTİA” between Limassol and Nicosia.

Larger settlements belonging to the Bronze Age have emerged. The large amount of copper, the most important raw material of the bronze tools, on the island of Cyprus has led to the development of centers in the region dealing with the trade of this mine and processing copper. In the north-east of Famagusta, “ENKOMİ” remains are the ruins of a modern and rich town that developed in this age. B.C. Since 2000, the history of Cyprus has been the invasion of regional forces in order to have the island’s strategic position and rich copper resources. The different cultures that came with these invasions made the island of Cyprus a land of historical ruins and artefacts.

Source: Tourism Promotion and Marketing Department of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

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